Aug 24, 2011

#24 (Spidey)

sometimes in life drawing when i just didn't have a good drawing day and i couldn't make the poses dynamic enough, a few spiderman sketches helped me get in a more dynamic 'mode'.. just doodles with some color added in photoshop later on...

#23 (Hands)

Aug 9, 2011

' The Bear ' (short film) + animatic

(written, designed, storyboarded, animated and edited by me*)
*details in the credits.

 ..and here's what it looked like as an animatic:

it was definitively an interesting experience, having to animate to music. (written by a friend of mine based on a then just 3 sentence-long script - i think he did a pretty good job : )

Aug 5, 2011

Demo Reel August 2011

Responsible for all animation.

shot 1: 'Microfilm' - texturing & lighting: Alan Harrison, props modeling: Lorant Sarkozi

shot 2: 'Proposal' - texturing & lighting: Alan Harrison

shot 3: 'Iced' - texturing & lighting: Lorant Sarkozi, Joshua Samuels

shot 4: 'The Bear' - student short film, see end credits.

Aug 4, 2011

#17 (Life Drawing II)

some more gestures. i know, line quality... working on it  : )

Aug 1, 2011

#18 (Microfilm)

for some reason this ended up super loud, so please turn down the volume before you click play.

audio © 1993 New Line Cinema.

#21 (Sealions & Parrots)

#16 (Face 2 - Interview)

as a sort of prologue to 'The Bear' (coming soon!  : D ) , our first real facial animation assignment i guess.. /with some pretty robotic head movement/.

Jul 22, 2011

#15 (Meet Hunter)

his name is his profession and he's the main character of my term 4 short.

the rig is based on Josh Burton's Morpheus, modified by myself and Josh Samuels (at this early stage with some serious deformation issues thanks to pushing the modification a bit too far).
and thanks to Sandeep for the belt

#14 (Face)

facial expression change (take?), the first 'facial animation' piece and probably the shortest assignment ever...
(with Morpheus).

Jul 11, 2011

#13 [superstition, what's that?] (Bones)

skeleton studies & what they led to - a flesh and bone terminator, which i guess is an oxymoron, at least partially (living tissue over a non-metal endoskeleton  : ) 

#12 (Retro Room)

modeling assignment

Jul 4, 2011

#10 (Life Drawing I)

#9 (Iced)

..i used to like this one because i got to use the 11 second club rig, which was one of the very few appealing ones at the time, and also because it has a story (well, sort of).

Jun 21, 2011

#4 (Colors)

/ or what Ronald McDonald should really look like / 

- Photoshop assignment, first colored drawing (ever)..

Jun 20, 2011

#3 (Animation!)

it's only a bouncing ball, but if you don't like alliteration, you can just call it the beginning  ; )

Jun 15, 2011

#1 (Police Lineup)

so this is it, the blog with my /yet quite basic/ animation and /maybe a little less basic/ drawings.

i thought this term 1 story and visual language assignment would be a good 2D start (perhaps even a bit too 2D as the background kills even the slightest illusion of depth of field, but hey, it's a police lineup, so killing in this case may not be completely irrelevant  : )