Jul 22, 2011

#15 (Meet Hunter)

his name is his profession and he's the main character of my term 4 short.

the rig is based on Josh Burton's Morpheus, modified by myself and Josh Samuels (at this early stage with some serious deformation issues thanks to pushing the modification a bit too far).
and thanks to Sandeep for the belt

#14 (Face)

facial expression change (take?), the first 'facial animation' piece and probably the shortest assignment ever...
(with Morpheus).

Jul 11, 2011

#13 [superstition, what's that?] (Bones)

skeleton studies & what they led to - a flesh and bone terminator, which i guess is an oxymoron, at least partially (living tissue over a non-metal endoskeleton  : ) 

#12 (Retro Room)

modeling assignment

Jul 4, 2011

#10 (Life Drawing I)

#9 (Iced)

..i used to like this one because i got to use the 11 second club rig, which was one of the very few appealing ones at the time, and also because it has a story (well, sort of).